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Ecdysterone Complex

  • Each serving contains 600 mg of Ecdysterone complexed with Hydroxypropyl-β-Cyclodextrin for maximum bioavailability.*
  • Honwestminster Ecdysterone is standardized to 98%*
  • 90 Capsules to provide proper dosing based on half-life.*


Why our Ecdysterone?*

Many brands sell 60 capsule 275mg bottles. With a 1/2 life of 4 to 9 hours it should be administered three times daily maintain optimal blood levels.  With only 60 capsules your only getting 20 servings!  Hon uses 90 capsules with an even higher mg per serving at 600mg per serving!.  This allows for proper administration as well as 30 servings to maximize Ecdysterone’s effectiveness.
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