Rad140,Bezerker, 4-dhea stack


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M1T is by far the most potent designer prohormone available today !!

Methyl 1-Testosterone (M1T) is known as the most potent form of this muscle building hormone that’s available legally on the market , it can add pounds of lean mass, radically define the physique, and add to your levels of strength rapidly !!

The product is known to work extremely well during bulking cycles and even during a cut when used to retain muscle size and strength.

M1T does not aromatize, cause water retention, or impart any DHT related effects.

This is a HARDCORE product and NOT to be taken by first time users of designer pro hormones.

Our trenavar compound gives athletes crazy strength increases & noticeable increases in lean muscle mass over an accelerated period of time.

Tren @var Features:

Gain strength**

Accelerated weight loss**

Heightens Energy**


Athletes and bodybuilders across the world are admiring RAD-140 for countless reasons. Testolone (RAD-140) is a wonderful and safer alternative to anabolic steroids. The selective androgen receptor modulator is ideal for bodybuilders looking for a great alternative to replacement therapy than Testosterone. This highly anabolic compound promotes increases in muscle mass and is second to none for stimulating the production of natural testosterone in the body.


Benefits Of Testolone (RAD-140)

More anabolic than Testosterone.

Anabolic to androgenic ratio of 90:1.

Great addition to a prohormone cycle.

Best for bulking cycles.

Improves libido and sexual performance

Best SARM for muscle growth and size.

Reduces fat and increases muscle mass.

Ideal to enhance body composition.

Rapid muscle recovery

Safer alternative to anabolic steroids



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