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RAD 150 

Rad 150 (TLB-150) belongs to class of compounds known as anabolic Esther’s. Estherfying Testosterone has been pursued to make more stable serum Testosterone levels.

Anabolic Estherfication 

Unmodified testosterone has a very short half-life that’s why we have spikes in our moods and other consequences as well. The downside adverse effects from testosterone spikes that result from using non Esther fried anabolic agents have always prevented the widespread adoption and accept.

Since rad150 is an estherfied form of rad 140 it is anticipated to offer more durable pharmacokinetics of a SARM esther. Rad 150 remains in the body roughly 48 hours!


Benefits Of GW-501516 (Cardarine)

  • Greatly increases endurance
  • Effective for cutting and bulking
  • Improves speed and strength
  • Improves cardiovascular strength
  • Effective for losing weight and fat
  • Protects brain vessels from oxidative damage and stress
  • Burns fat and suppresses inflammation
  • Boosts development of nerve cells
  • Stimulates dramatic fat loss with significant and visible vascularity improvements
  • Versatile — can be stacked with almost anything


1 bottle (30mL) of N e L c Cuts, dosed at 200mcg/mL:

Fat loss

Increases metabolism

Ton of energy

Increases blood flow and oxygenation

May build muscle

Appetite suppression

Diuretic effect


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