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About Us

Hello, My name is Jay and I have been in the Nutrition and Physical Training field since 2006, and certified in both fields. I owned and operated a Nutrition store for 13 years where I gained much knowledge about all aspects of supplements, SARMs, HEMP extract, vitamins, proteins, aminos, etc. In 2019, we decided to close our store and focus on SARM’S development and distribution.

In addition, I am a recovering addict. Working and focusing on sobriety everyday of my life and connecting my love for nutrition and physical training to my recovery. I find the importance of the connection between physical, nutrition, plus supplemental use to help me mentally
focus on myself and overcoming my addiction issues.

I am here to answer all questions or concerns regarding overall wellness. We hope you take the time to look into our products and ask questions. We are here to help support you. Email us

Thank you for supporting us!
Clean Date 12/24/2020