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2 in 1 Tb-500/Bpc 157 nasal spray

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  • 300 sprays, each spray is 50mcg.
  • Bottle = 30ml

Body Protection Compound-157, or BPC 157, is a pentadecapeptide which is 15 amino acids connected by a peptide bond.  It’s amino acid sequence is similar to part of the human amino acid sequence which can be found in the body’s gastric juice.

BPC 157: Medical benefits
The BPC 157 is basically one long 15-amino acid peptide. It is also a part of the peptide that occurs naturally in a human stomach. The BPC 157 can also be said to be one signaling peptide because it signals processes that certainly takes place in the human body. Following are some medical benefits of the BPC 157.
  • Potassium Imbalance: BPC 157 gives protection from the heart failure in the state of both hyperkalemia that is potassium overdose and hypokalemia, which is potassium overdose.
  • Blood Pressure: The BPC 157 is seen to increase the blood pressure with lower blood pressure and decrease the blood pressure with high blood pressure.
  • Calcium Imbalance: it gives protection from damage caused due to hypercalcemia. It also protects from the overdose of the calcium channel broker. Magnesium overdose: the BPC 157 gives protection from magnesium overdose or hypermagnesemia.
  • Toxicity and side effects of NSAIDs: The BPC 157 effectively reduces the NSAIDs’ adverse effects & toxicity such as prolonged bleeding, level, intestinal, brain lesions and various other behavioral disturbances. All these side effects are effectively antagonized by the administration of BPC 157.
  • Alcohol intoxication: The BPC 157 is also shown to have displayed prevention and inhibition of the harmful effects of acute intoxication from alcohol, and liver and gastric lesions.
  • Gastric ulcers: The product not only just prevents but also heals gastric ulcers. The BPC 157 helps in reducing the area of the ulcer and speeding up the reconstruction of the glandular epithelium & granulation tissue formation.
  • Inflammation, body temperature, and pain: The supplement effectively reduces various models of non-specific and acute inflammation. It increases the pain threshold and acts gainst the decrease (that is, a test of water immersion) & increase (yeast-induced) in temperature.
  • Diabetes: It increases the healing of the skin wounds, prevents the fructose-induced high BP. It also inhibits the development of the insulin resistance.
  • Dopamine system: BPC 157 significantly reduces the motor abnormalities & hyperactivity, which is induced by dopaminergic neurotoxin MPTP. It also decreases the behavioral disturbances that are basically chronic amphetamine-induced.
  • Wound Healing: The BPC 157 improves healing significantly after injuries such as deep skin burns, skin incisions, diabetic wounds, different anastomoses like intestinal wounds, different tissue transactions, various fistulas, particularly tendon, ligament, nerve, and muscle. The time taken to heal from all the said injuries is decreased significantly with the administration of BPC-157.

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2 reviews for 2 in 1 Tb-500/Bpc 157 nasal spray

  1. Damion Clanton (verified owner)

    This stuff is magic! Two bad shoulders and I’m 3 weeks in using it and both shoulders feel so much better. I mean this is the best stuff I have taken to help heal my shoulders! Easy to use, I’m will be a life long fan!

  2. Jay

    Had a knee replaced. Did a max dose daily. Helped P.T. and recovering process a lot. Highly recommended

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