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Side Effects

LGD 2226 has little to no side effects as it does not affect the body’s prostate area since its main focus is primarily on the muscle and bone cells. However, given the fact that it is a new drug, it needs time to be experimented on and for the side effects, if any, to become known to researchers

Dosage and Cycle

Because LGD 2226 is still in the developmental stage, it is extremely difficult to find accurate dosage or cycle suggestions. However, for research purposes, it is suggested that male subjects research LGD 2226 at 20-30mg per day, with the cycle itself lasting anywhere from eight to twelve weeks. Female subjects should research LGD 2226 at 10-15mg per day with the cycle lasting eight to twelve weeks.

Half-life of LGD 2226 is approx 25-30 hours.

Those who are just starting out with SARMs will probably want to keep their cycle on the low end of that


To reiterate, there is a lot about LGD 2226 that is worth getting excited about. If clinical trials continue their forward momentum, there is every reason to believe it will be one of the strongest SARMs on the market. Certainly, it has already achieved a great deal of popularity with a wide range of researchers.

Nonetheless, if you are still feeling rather impatient, it is easy enough to understand why. LGD 2226 seems to promise what a lot of men and women are looking for.

This product is not for human use. This product is for research purposes only.

Benefits of LGD 2226

LGD2226 can be ideal for those looking to strengthen bones and muscles. This SARM is safe and can be taken by both genders to get a fit and dream shape without experiencing any severe side effect.

  • Helps body uses its nutrients more efficiently
  • Can be used as fat burner
  • Does not require PCT Cycle
  • enhanced strength
  • enhanced development of lean muscle mass
  • shows strong development in bone density
  • Increased stamina or overall drive
  • Lasting muscle pumps

LGD2226 is considered best for muscle growth and fitness. Also, it can support workouts with increased stamina. Some other benefits are the followings.

Weight Loss: Weight gain has become a matter of concern for people all over the world regardless of age and gender. LGD2226 can ensure safe weight loss. The anabolic nature of this SARM will speed up your loss process. You can get your dream shape in less time without any side effect.

Bone Density: This drug can help to treat bone issues. It will increase bone density and make the bones strong to fight osteoporosis.

Increased Stamina: If you are suffering from weakness and you are having difficulties to follow your workout schedule due to weakness, you can take this SARM to boost your strength and stamina.

Beneficial for Both Genders: Both men and women can use it to get enhanced benefits. It will not cause hormonal disruption. Women can use it to strengthen their bone and to get the perfect shape.



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  1. Joseph Jenkins (verified owner)

    Had only been a week but I have increased in stamina with the ability to do more reps with weight that I have been using.

  2. aaron allsbury (verified owner)

    Looking to get lean this is the one no PCT required run 8-12 weeks awesome stuff

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