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  • Improves insulin resistance
  • Improves cognition
  • Activates fatty acid oxidation (helps shred fat)
  • Increases endurance
  • Builds lean muscle mass
  • Speeds muscle recovery
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Has been used to treat obesity
  • Positive impact on the heart
  • Does not suppress natural testosterone

How it Works

GW 0742 promotes glucose uptake. It burns fat by stimulating fatty acid oxidation. It activates the PPARδ protein in the cells of the body, a sensor for fatty acids, which increases the ability to burn fat. It increases energy levels, stamina, and endurance, while eliminating inflammation.

Expected Results 

Results vary based on dose, body type, size, and other physiological factors of the host. However, expect for GW 0742 to improve body composition and muscle mass when administered properly.

SR 9011

  • Lose Weight and FatIt has been proven that SR9011 boosts our metabolism which in return leads us to expend more calories during the day. If you just keep your diet in check, you will lose all of your excess fat and weight in no time!
  • Increases Endurance: Mice that were subjected to Rev-ErbA agonists showed marked improvements in their endurance, as the following study goes to show. We also have anecdotal evidence from actual bodybuilders to back this up
  • Increases Speed of Recovery: It’s not a secret that SR9011 lowers your recovery rates and makes you ready to go to the gym that much sooner. You won’t feel as sore as before and you will feel a lot more motivated to head to the gym.
  • It Helps Decrease Inflammation: As if lowering your recovery times wasn’t enough, SR9011 also affects the production of inflammatory cells in a negative way, preventing them from causing inflammation in your body.
  • Acts as an Anxiolytic Studies have shown that SR9011 successfully prevents anxiety from ruining our lives. It smashes anxiety and causes a sense of relief and well-being in the user, similar to a benzodiapene. There is one major difference: SR9011 doesn’t cause addiction making it miles better than any Xanax pill out there.
  • Increases Focus: Many users report their focus increasing while on SR9011. They claim that they could stay concentrated on a problem for a much longer time and that they didn’t feel boredom creep in even if it was a dull task to begin with.
  • Lowers LDL Cholesterol Levels: Those patients who took SR9011 in a clinical study saw their LDL cholesterol level fall down to normal levels without any changes in diet or exercise routines. This is good news for those that have problems with their blood cholesterol.
  • Increases Wakefulness: All the studies so far indicate that SR9011 has a positive effect on our overall energy levels, stamina, and vitality. This lasts throughout the day and is not limited to the gym.

Why Choose Us?

House of Nutrition has been around for going on thirteen years now. We have an actual southern Californian location at our gym House of Power.  We are not a fly by company. We are here to stay.




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