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B12 20ml vial


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20ml vial

Effective in fighting fatigue & enhancing natural energy
Encourages higher quality sleep
Improves cognitive function
Helps regulate mood
Promotes healthy skin & nails
Boosts metabolic function
Shown to help prevent cardiovascular disease
Strengthens bone density & overall skeletal health

Background & History
B12 is an essential vitamin the body needs but cannot produce
First accounts of B12 supplementation date back to 1849
Up to 15% of Americans are deficient in B12
Nutrient deficiencies & gut-related health issues increase likelihood of B12 deficiency
Contains methylcobalamin B12, a naturally-occurring form (unlike cyanocobalamin) vital to central nervous system function
Intramuscular delivers B12 directly into the bloodstream, unlike other methods (e.g. pills)


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